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That waits man's underwear in the future?

It seems that anything good. and according to such DesignersAs Donna karan Katarin hemnett, the best - in general to do without Underwear!

Long since and up to that moment interest to To man's underwear, unlike female, was considered as a prerogative of people of the perverted imagination and unusual sexual orientation, in particular gays, - it is no wonder that representatives of sexual minorities have appeared subsequently most "advanced" in this area.Телки шлюхи с животными.|61EQ-30460
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According to To research, Spent In the autumn of 1994 international linen company fruit of the loom, 61 percent from thousand interrogated The american men Is carried briefs, by 20 percent - boxers. 10 percent - have appeared the most refined and in exceptional cases - for example, in independence day of america - put on tanga, And in usual days - all-in-one.

A question as often you erase the Underwear, every fourth of thousand interrogated englishmen has answered: every other day, and one percent of the interrogated erases the Linen Not more often an once in a week. on a question in whose Cowards You would like to appear, By americans Following characters have been named: the first - michael jordan, on the second place - businessman donald tramp, on the third - the sportsman of troys ejkman.

In given poll it was mentioned only LinenAs all interrogated concerned to middle class.

Speaking about Man's underwear, it is necessary to differentiate accurately Swimwear (i.e. swimming trunks and the hawaiian shortsIntended only for Of swimming exercises), Linen lounge (night wear), i.e. Pyjamas, Man's nightgowns. with lounge The situation is so pitiable that it is not necessary to strew once again salt on wounds. anything new in this area for last hundred years it is invented at all was not.

However incorrect would be to assert that in the field of Usual man's linen Does not occur anything.

One of the first rackets of the world - Andre agassi has caused about ten years ago the present shock in spectators and judges, having appeared on grassy court in CowardsOver whom usual short tennis shorts have been put on.

Andre agassi Long cowards Quality of underwear.

Some years ago in Spring-and-summer collections of a man's fashion of katariny hemnett For the first time as Functional man's linen Have shown Skirts-sarongi, allowing to show a considerable quantity of a naked body from above. then Dolche gabbanoj Calvin klein Linen Linen In quality not so much Bottom, how many outer clothing.

By the way, despite total backlog Of moscow From Paris, new york Of london, the tendency to use Bottom As top quickly enough also has widely extended on the capital closed parties, dancings and to that similar.

Not so long ago known "Linen" Houses as Calvin klein, ralph lauren, dolche&gabban, guess, have offered new variant all-in-one - similar To old-looking bathing suits on shoulder straps. extremely inconveniently - but everything is all right if all all-in-one Is supplied By fasteners-buttons, well or at least there is fastener Y-Front, or , or Window leaf.

If it is not present, Similar bathing suit, is as though effective it looked, in wc it is necessary to remove together with all clothes. at the same time, besides already mentioned by us Models on shoulder straps, Bathing suits Can be with Long And with Short sleeve, Cut off on hips Or With the ridiculous panties, made both from one, and from Combined fabrics.

And the last Innovation, more strongly, than the aforesaid which has got accustomed in to a life, - Linen Military StyleWhich has entered in A fashion in march, 1995 Compare with March As month and march As a march.

ilitary style Or "Army Dream", To a charm of army linenAssociates with the american insurgents from army life or a clip. similar The russian men are engaged in models Dolche&Gabbana, Comme Des Garcons, Ralph Lauren Blumarine.

While are content With import (frequently "not the first freshness"), from Calvin Klein, Athens, occasionally - youth production from Banana Republic, and more often - from not too interesting Fruit of the Loom.

Unique on all Moscow shop of bottom man's linen - shop Hom, in other points is not present absolutely any choice Of models, and The concept of collection Absolutely is absent.

It seems that good Linen In the future does not wait for anything: as avant-gardist Klein Has sold the patent for duplicating of the Linen, Innovation DesignersAs Donna karan Katarina hemnett The best - in general to do without Linen! therefore, it is not excluded that years ten later Linen Becomes The exotic whimIntended for Of sex shops.

Collections of man's linenErotic man's linenThe material and manufacturersThe sizes and kinds of man's linenThe russian fashion of bottom man's linen
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