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Of the collection of man's linen

The foundress of italian factory Lisanza liberata bodio During the second world war dressed soldiers in Warm man's underwear From natural fibres. Difficult, but plus today's unique technologies with ease have transformed successful experience Lisanza Into factory which appreciate and love all over the world. Easy, thin and strong jersey of woollen, silk and linen yarn Make and by traditional tubular cars, and on the difficult devices weaving set of threads in Intricate linen.

Last years in Man's underwear Prevailed special Restraint, but, after changes in the top men's wear, Underwear Becomes more and more courageous and various. this year has introduced in A fashion of man's underwear, on the one hand, negligence Of sports style, and with another - Refinement and refinement.

Firm massanaAdhering to principle comfort plus elegance , has let out A line of man's house clothes. steel shades of grey and blue tones Of steel A special glamour of modern fashionable clothes. The distinctive feature of this Clothes Is it Comfort and practicality.

Firm ocean Special value gives To colour: contrast black and white, a combination of dark tones in a thin silver strip in a combination to a bright orange belt, or, say, a belt (red, yellow and green), natural tone. Grey It is not so actual. in Fabrics - The combination of the natural and synthetic fibreMade On the newest technologies.

Company unno hombre Uses the latest workings out in the field of Technologies of seamless linen. such Linen So Is comfortable, That it becomes as though A body part, the second skin. The special invoice of jersey Defines Durability and elasticity in special zonesThanks to what Traditional seams Are not necessary. base Line unno Is made By boxers Traditional white Black colours, and also in Sand colour, Which with Body.

Collection hom Also practically merges follows all To tendencies. In manufacturing Of collection Were used such Fabrics ascriteria and . this Collection Is characterised Low belt, both in Boxers, and in .

Series hips Were used Fabrics of new generation.

Today Firms Let out many not only Underwear, but also Clothes for house.

New line hom - sailor From From Where By boxers It is possible are combined with Pyjamas and a kimono.
A collection of man's underwear official Correspond To new styles As Under form, and On colour number. in creation Clothes Are used Fabrics lycra Of criteria. the smooth invoice of a fabric is combined with a microgrid. Collection Is executed in Traditional black White, and also in Fashionable blue and grayish tones.
Abanderado Offers A new line new age . this true embodiment Of elegance of man's underwear. From FabricsExecuted on To most newest technologies. Is made used or Clap, or Microfiber with lycra. From , it is ready More thin, rather than silk, give From Special Softness. this Collection It is addressed To admirers of style abanderado - true dandies, pedants in clothes. The tendency of a combination of the smooth invoice of fabric Of microgrid Is traced also in Of collection .

Colours All is admissible - From garnet to dark blue. Is actual Also Colour of an ivory, lead and silvery tone.

K-SERDEC.RU - collections of man's linenErotic man's linenThe material and manufacturersThe sizes and kinds of man's linenThe russian fashion of bottom man's linen
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