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Fashionable directions of man's underwear

To a fashion spring-summer 2010 - Naturalness and freedom. it is necessary to pay attention on Ease and beauty - magnificent Brilliant emeralds, greenish turquoise, colourful pearl bowls. Elements national Foreign culture Open broad lands for an embodiment of imaginations, uses Of brilliant materials, Of flower patterns Of multi-coloured stones.

This summer in To linen fashion There will be Modern and natural materials Romanticism Retro the styles opposite each other, therefore it is necessary to rediscover Abstract elements and patterns 60 and 70. Bright warm colours, Materials all it corresponds to natural tendencies. most Order of the day Of this summer is Mixture of styles, combination Classical Modern elements.

Sports motives, Fantastic landscapes, use Of achievements of the industry of haute couture in a new collection It adds all adrenaline and action energy of summer.

Introduces new sensations in Fashionable tendencies Proceeds and in this release 5 brightest lines of a summer collection of man's linen of mark dim.

Will estimate linen of classical line smart Men respectable and business what appreciate quality and comfort without everyones there and fashionable whims.

Thanks to the big maintenance Of viscose, it Linen improbably soft And very much Convenient.

Smart for the businessman 5 line of charts Of the bottom man's linen.

Shorts and t-shirts from series free dim Linen with the claim. Its structure includes Clap Lycra, it therefore sits ideally!

Besides, along the edges - Pretentious In a kind from A soft elastic criterion. Such Linen Can become the present compliment to the beautiful man.

Free Dim for knowing the own worth 4 place

On the third line one more worthy A line of man's linen - Soft Dim. at creation of these Models The unique technology was used Linen Is made from Microfibers with the invoice of suede! this Fabric Has Antistatic protection And special processing which does not allow it To "roll down". Though hardly Men There will be

Soft Dim For pedants 3 line.

Linen dim skin Almost Has Ideally fits body, creating so-called Effect second skin. will approach for the seductive macho who carries very narrow jeans or shorts in - the best Linen For it not to find. in this Lines Are also very much Juicy Madly charming man's shorts ..

Dim Skin For tempters 2 place

Super DIM - unique Linen. It is executed by means of High technologies into its structure enters Clap Special fibreWhich name still "a temperature chameleon". thanks to it, Linen It is constant Supervises body temperature: when hot it starts to "breathe", when is cold keeps precious heat.

Super DIM For supermen 1 place

We will sum up:

Linen DIM:

5. Smart Linen Of viscose

4. free dim with furnish in a kind

3. Soft Dim Linen

2. dim skin with the minimum quantity of seams

1. super dim supervises body temperature

Of the collection of man's linenErotic man's linenThe material and manufacturersThe sizes and kinds of man's linenThe russian fashion of bottom man's linen
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