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Man's bras, corsets, body stockings and stockings

Scandal in world Of haute couture Has caused on the eve of opening of the well-known parisian defiles known british vivien vestvud's designer. it has presented the man's collection in which has offered a new and unexpected thing for man's clothes - a bra. it rushes under a sweater-polo-neck with long cuffs.натяжитель цепи hyundai

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So courageous and not ordinary decision Of vivien vestvud Has caused rough reaction Of world design community. Fashion designer Has received World fame After reception in a royal buckingham palace where it has appeared in the dress in which there were no obligatory parts of a female toilet.

A number of experts have urged to establish a limit to a flight of fancy for Models, Which are represented to general public.

"korsetnyj" Among japanese it is possible to explain boom to that at enough Young men At the age of 20-40 years Began to appear more and more problems with weight. according to the data of japanese ministry of health, in 2010 the quantity of men from 20 till 60 years suffering from excess weight, has increased to 29 %. in 2000 such was only 24 %.

However, representative Triumph Considers that all business in occurrence of new versions of man's trousers which are cut out so that to underline a bend of hips:" actually, all business in following to a fashion. eventually, not too it is a lot of among 20-30- those men, whose figures on what do not suit ".

In japan A new line of man's underwearWhich drags away a stomach and raises hips, uses so wide popularity that Trial lots Have been bought up within several hours.

"Men Very much watch closely today a fashion, they start to turn on lines of the body and the general silhouette, practically, as women", - representative Of company triumph international japan speaks.

This Company Has brought into the world New incarnation of corset, but already for Men.

Triumph Has developed Two models of corset: one covers space from a navel to knees, and the second, supporting hips, is intended for carrying with jeans with the underestimated waist. Man's corsets So well are on sale that Company Plans to think up new variations on the set theme, including versions for summer clothes and Corsets, Dragging away a thorax.

Other juicy hit - Man's body stockings, or All-in-one, man's . Unlike ladies' Models They have , "window leaves", fasteners on buttons - everything that facilitates visiting wc.

It is possible to name, of course, this kind of clothes underwear for gays". but it proves only that representatives of sexual minorities became for a long time advanced Men.

The most curious novelty, and undoubtedly actual, in Man's underwear It is necessary to consider occurrence on sale Man's woollen . Models Of fastener y-front, and simply . Steal up to colour of a suit the same as and Socks.

Of the collection of man's linenErotic man's linenThe material and manufacturersThe sizes and kinds of man's linenThe russian fashion of bottom man's linen
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