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Of service.

  • Designing and building:
    • Industrial targets
    • Of offices
    • Of trading pavilions
    • Of apartments
    • Of cottages
    • Of winter gardens
    • Of bannyh of complexes
    • Of tennis courts
    • Of quays
    • Of pools
    • Of japanese decks

  • Use of the newest technologies:
    • "the warm house": warming of external perimetre by mineralno-basalt cotton wool with drawing of various decorative coverings (a natural stone, art plaster, etc.) .клевые статусы для контакта|опорный каток цена

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    • Pouring of liquid foam concrete between obverse and draught materials.
    • Warming and a noise isolation of penthouses, ground floors, the bases, and as flat roofs of structures on new technologies.
    • Conformity to the highest standards of fire safety
    • Strengthening and modelling of a coastal line.
    • High quality manufacturing of doors, ladders, furniture from wide variety of valuable breeds of a tree under author's drawings.
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