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Building of buildings and Constructions I II Of level Of responsibility
Of work geodetic The works which are carried out On Building Platforms

  • The geodetic marking basis for building
  • Marking works in the course of building
  • Geodetic control of accuracy of geometrical parametres of buildings (constructions)
  • Executive geodetic shooting
  • Geodetic measurements of deformations of the bases, designs of buildings (constructions), their parts


  • Clearing of territories and their preparation for building
  • Dismantling and dismantle of buildings and constructions
  • Building of time roads, engineering networks and constructions

Earthen Works

  • Working out of dredging, vertical lay-out
  • Consolidation and the device of soil pillows
  • Excavations in and
  • Excavations in special conditions (on bogs, on weakon saltedon mobile

Stone Works
Device Concrete Concrete Designs

  • Of opalubochnye and works
  • The device of monolithic concrete and ferro-concrete designs

Installation Concrete Concrete Designs

  • Installation of the bases and walls of an underground part of buildings
  • Installation of elements of designs of an elevated part of buildings (columns, frames, crossbars, farms, beams, Plates, Panels of walls)
  • Installation of ventilating blocks, volume blocks of mines of lifts and refuse chutes, sanitary-engineering cabins

Installation Wooden Designs

  • Ukrupnitelnaja assemblage of designs
  • Assemblage wooden () buildings and constructions of factory manufacturing

Installation Of lungs Protecting Designs

  • Metal designs
  • Protecting designs from panels and plates
  • Of karkasno-obshivnye of partition
  • Of the wall from panels of type "sandwich"
  • Window and door blocks, spatial designs from an aluminium profile, the pvc profile,


Roofing Works

  • The device of roofs from rolled materials
  • Of the roof from polymeric and emulsionno-bitumen structures
  • The device of a roof from piece materials
  • The device of details of a roof from metal sheets

Device Of territory

  • The devicefoot paths and platforms
  • The device of open sports constructions

Realization Of functions General Contractor, Works

  • Manufacture of front works manufacture plaster and a plastering manufacture of decorative painting and decorating
  • glass works manufacture of facing works installation of pendant (tension) ceilings, panels and plates with Obverse Furnish
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