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Often asked questions:

1. delivery term:

I-turn - 1 quarter 2010

II-turn - 1 quarter 2010

2. cost of 1 sq.m.:

I - turn All apartments are sold.

Ii-turn All apartments are sold.

Attention: Building of iii turn "gold domes" has begun. cost in sq. m. from 35 to 40 thousand rbl. depending on the apartment area.

System of payment of habitation in "gold domes"

- the system of payment for habitation in gold domes which we realise, is very convenient and favourable to buyers. the flexible approach allows to choose almost individual scheme of payment. judge. the client can grant the sum for apartment parts: monthly, quarterly or having broken it into larger two payments. there is an indispensable condition: the initial payment makes 30 percent from apartment cost. as to the rest of the investment contribution, it should be brought before house delivery in operation. our buyers are involved with that the apartment price is fixed throughout all term of building, and percent for instalments are not charged. one more important point. delivery of the second turn of a housing estate is planned for december, 2010. it turns out that the person who has addressed to us now, will receive interest-free instalments at the fixed price for the whole 20 months, up to the building termination (by the way, in more details about it it is possible to read on with. 62, 63 these issues of the magazine "real estate").строительно монтажные работы и оборудование

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Alexander anatolevich sabaev, the chief of a sales department of open company siberian industrially-power company.

     Open company "siberian industrially-power company" has entered association of builders of russia, and vladimir viktorovich drokin became the director of representation asr in territory of the omsk region. with gosstroy abolition at federal level does not remain body which could defend interests of builders. therefore the building companies (first of all the central federal district) have set the task of branch consolidation. the noncommercial organisation - association of builders of russia - is created in june, 2010 by the deserved builder nikolay koshman who became its president. as founders the largest building companies of russia have acted. now into association enter an order of 500 legal bodies. vneshtorgbank became a member of association, in june the agreement on teamwork is signed. Continuation


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