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The sizes and kinds of man's linen

Man's linen Has humour International The sizes Czech. International Is all known: M, L, XL, XXL. To them correspond Czech - 5, 6, 7, 8

Many Men Do not know, how those are called or others Cowards. Here the list of the most widespread Kinds of man's underwear:

Briefs - Usual cowards-swimming trunks.

Boxers cowardsCombining Swimming trunks Short shorts.

Trunks - the same that boxers, but for Bathings.

Boxer-briefs - the same that boxers, Only in covering.

String - CowardsAt whom Back half Represents Narrow strip Or A ribbon.

Tanga - Cowards From Or Narrow ribbons on each side.

Pant - Cowards-.

Mini Slip - Cowards

Long-johns Is Elementary warm underpants.



Name «Cowards-» Has replaced today word combination « Cowards». This A kind of linen We love ladies of all age andtherefore on sale it is presented in the widest assortment. are issued Cowards- For all tastes and for any occasion: from Warm with For winter walks to Thin openwork for solemn occasions.

Cowards family

The most simple, free and easy kind of underwear. Cowards Are sewed exclusively from Natural fabricsThat the skin breathed. they are spacious, are not burdened by superfluous details, do not constrain movements and do not deliver inconveniences. service life is almost unlimited. are gently favourite By men And are deeply despised by ladies. classical "" Are traditionally sewed from Motley fabrics Any floret, Only Habitualness Such Combinations Prevents to realise some it . though perhaps, Cowards-string Most.

A kind ladies' Cowards Suit separate To fans of shocking. despite exclusive , Cowards- It is frequent very much . Are convenient obscurity under fitting clothes.

Swimming trunks

Cowards Of type «Swimming trunks» Differ Compactness Good bodiesAs Are sewed From Elastic jersey. are ideal for adherents of fitting trousers and jeans. but term of their service is short: Swimming trunks Are inclined To be torn To be stretched, finding Slovenly baggy kind. for daily socks it is recommended to use Swimming trunks From . Models, From

Jersey, approach directly for Swimmings. Cowards of "type of swimming trunks"

Or. West Creation of collections (!) Man's linen Work such Fashion pillars, as armani, versace, dolce&gabbana, ralph lauren. And whether it is necessary to be surprised to that the western classification of that adjoins directly to gentle part Of man's body, much more richly domestic also totals not two Of type From,


The main plus To fans of shocking It Of type This A kind of linen Usually Shorts, as a rule, Are strict Are laconic. for Boasters, hoping to give out wished for valid, exist The correcting shortsDoing flat that sticks out, and raising that hangs.


Boxers (Boxers) - oxers On popularity on West From Boxing cowards (the same , ) - presents Are more similar on From Jersey. in general, the difference is insignificant, but on Men- Affects considerably. by quantity Of adherents To them do not concede unless Swimming trunks, Or briefs. they are ubiquitous at the expense of the . At least sometimes to such style address practically all Men. it indeed, more An elegant kind of man's underwear. They are deprived some To fans of shocking And simultaneously look , than Swimming trunks. Boxers Enough Are long, Therefore in colds will not allow to freeze to important parts Of man's body. doubtless plus Of boxers That majority Of models Are equipped in forward part By the special aperture, allowing not to remove Cowards At toilet visiting. but to the true judge this "today's special" can seem to the fresh.


Cowards of type (with trouser-legs) Cowards Of type ( ) From Elastic materials, for example with impurity Of lycra - then they Fit body And bicycle cowards remind Cowards. To fans of shocking, it is possible safely To remove trousers In public places and the half-world will not understand - Bottom It Clothes Or .


If from Golden mean, that is Swimming trunksTo go not towards increase, and on the contrary, aside The maximum reductionWill turn out Playful shorts Of type tanga. From Two triangles on elastic band. they are not too convenient for Daily socks, but on harmoniously developed Body Look In a fantastic way.

Of the collection of man's linenErotic man's linenThe material and manufacturersK-SERDEC.RU - the sizes and kinds of man's linenThe russian fashion of bottom man's linen
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